OU Fellowships


The OU Partners in Torah Fellowships is your chance to continue the inspiration of your Birthright Israel Trip via weekly learning — earn cash AND score a great internship. The program is limited to only 120 students for the year 2016. Click here to apply.

Program Elements

  • Learn a variety of Jewish topics over the phone with a free tutor.
  • Each study session is between 45 and 60 minutes a week.
  • Six sessions earns $75, fourteen total sessions earns $200.
  • Graduates are eligiblefor select career internships in their field of interest.
  • The program is limited to 120 confirmed registrants.

What will I study? — Jewish Philosophy, Ethics, or Holidays — or design your own learning experience based on the topics that interest them most.

Who will tutor me? Fellowship “mentors” are Jewishly knowledgeable men and women whose daytime hours are dedicated to their professional field (finance, law, medicine, and business to name a few) who volunteer to share their knowledge and professional expertise with inquisitive young Jewish men and women

How do I become eligible for the Fellowships? After completing the online application, registrants will be called for a brief telephone interview. During this interview, registrants must confirm their interest in the program as well as provide more information such as their intended major or profession. Participants will be notified by email within 10 days of the phone interview if they have been accepted into the program.

How do I become eligible for the Fellowship Rewards?

  • $75 award: Completing 6 sessions and a brief quiz
  • $200 award: Completing 14 sessions and a brief quiz
  • Internships: A number of internships will be available in a variety of fields. Internships are limited and will be awarded to those who have completed all 14 sessions and who receive a strong endorsement from the Fellowships board in consultation with the Mentors.

Are there additional benefits? In addition to the learning you will have done, you will also develop a personal relationship with an accomplished professional and possibly an “in” in your hoped-for profession/career. While no guarantees can be made to this effect, participation in the Fellowships may likely play a direct or indirect role in your eventual job search.

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