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  1. Ephrayim Naiman

    I read a beautiful ending to that d’var torah, that Moshe was composed of 4 neshamos, ื ื—, ืฉืช, ืžืฉื”, ื”ื‘ืœ – spelling the word ื ืฉืžื”.
    And Moshe’s Tikun of ืžื™ ื ื— was the ืžื—ื ื™ that he used to defend the bnei yisrael – note the *same* letters ืžื—ื ื™=ืžื™ ื ื—!

  2. anonymous

    I watch these and can only think to myself that this is to me what Judaism is all about and you have a skill Harry like no other to bring it to life to many like me who are craving a simple explanation that is relatable.

    It’s a blessing to have you as my friend and teacher!

  3. W

    I always enjoy your videos…short and to the point, just right for a guy with short attention span.

    But this wasn’t good…it is great!

    Thanks for all the time, attention, and devotion you invest each week to bring a piece of Torah to the world. (And to me.)

  4. greenBubble

    reb Harry:
    Who is the commentator that you quoted that HaShem has an optimistic view of us? I find that very difficult to comprehend and would like to see it inside.

    A technical point: the group in the time of the Mishne that claimed to not keep the oral Torah was the Tzedukim, the Saducees. The Karaites, who did the same, were in the time of the Geonim and there might be a small group of them to this day.
    What I would like to know is what kind of tefillin did they wear?

    Finally, that promise about the bumper crop has been seen very vividly during the last several shemitta cycles.

  5. edye

    Amazing way to deliver the parsha on a level I can understand. I find myself having gone through difficult challenge, that I am pulling away. One being a young widow, finances struggles, trying to date, health issues etc. I listen to your video and I get tears in my eyes. How much Hashem does do as well, and we take for granted. It’s just hard to see people suffer.. I do look forward to your blog’s. Kol hakavod. How can I contact u directly? Have a wonderful Shavuot!

  6. Big Papi:

    Your life has now changed, but for the better. Having a grandchild (even at such a youthful age)is a wonderful experience, and a chance to get even. ๐Ÿ™‚ When the grandkids are at your house stuff with chocolate and other things to make them active then send them home! Of course, while they are with you, teach them Torah.

  7. bruce leon

    did you hear on Mike and Mike this morning…Big Papi is expecting a grandchild in June and he wants to be called Zaide

  8. EM

    Just want to thank you for your weekly videos and let you know how much I enjoy them and look forward to receiving them!

  9. Jealous? Of whom? She was the only woman! So what you’re saying is women are jealous even if there isn’t something to be jealous about? Gotta add this one to my Sheva Bracha repertoire.

  10. Harry:

    As always, another fine message. I would like to suggest that you make these available in print form also for us to use at our Shabbos table.

    Chag sameach

    George Matyjewicz

  11. FR

    Shalom Harry,

    I have been receiving your video blog messages week after week.

    Now that we approach Rosh Hashana I want to take the opportunity to wish you and your Family Shanna Tova and may all of You be inscribed in the Book of Life for a good year, sweet as honey!!!!

    Also I wish to give thanks for your hard work. It is not easy to prepare a weekly video and make it so entertaining and full of light. You are doing a tremendous effort and the result is a great work!

    You canโ€™t imagine how many lives receive life through your messages.

    Thanks for your hard work serving the Kingdom of Heaven.

    • We all wish You
      Mazel and Brocho in the Year to Come iy H
      Well done!!!
      Have much Nachas from your New Couple.
      Tayor Salford Manchester England…

  12. Michael

    Beautiful Harry, Mazal Tov. May you and your family be blessed in every way and thank you for rebuilding the Jewish people. May we follow your example and always fight our foes, past, present and future, withโ€Ž the creation of life and substantive enjoyment of life. Kol Hakavod Harry!

  13. Jay M.


    Mazel tov to you and your family on this wonderful simcha! I wish that I could have seen more of the wedding video.

  14. Joel from Shapell's

    Thank you for this inspiring video. Interestingly, half an hour ago I just learned the Rashi’s on that same pasuk. He mentions that ‘Qaran’ is from the lashon ‘qarnayim’, which means that it comes from the same root as horns. He explains that it’s because light rays can shine in a form that is similar to a horn.
    But like you say, it doesn’t mean horns literally, like on the statue. that’s indeed a mistranslation.
    Have a wonderful week, Shavua tov!

  15. shlomo weiss

    hi harry,

    thanks for getting me onto your ‘list’. I appreciate your dynamic presentation….they’re you, and you are doing a great ‘service’ for others..ya’ sha’ ko ach, always, shlomo

  16. Chuck

    I found your video to be particularly perceptive this week!
    There are invisible forces that influence outcomes!
    Reminds me of the world before microscopes or telescopes
    Discoveries of worlds beyond our imagination!
    Thank you!!!!

  17. Mr. S

    This was superb Harry! Loved the Family Guy and Ten Commandment clips. I have never heard the Noach, Nacshon comparison, is that yours? I thought it was fantastic. Thank you for your hard work which produces something that I, and I’m sure many others, find enlightening, motivational and entertaining.โ€Ž Kol Hakavod.

  18. Excellent Harry. Especially about the second coming of Noach. The Gilgul concept has been fascinating me this past year, as I really believe we had a gilgul. So. I’m trying to gather everything I can. Of course some of our mutual friends think I’m crazy. ut what else is new.

  19. Michelle Pasternak

    Great message Harry!! The kids (and me and Skip) really enjoyed this one!! Thanks!!!

  20. Another marvelous presentation Harry. I was drink coffee when you said about his fourth wife “G-d bless him.” You shouild give warnings. ๐Ÿ™‚ Interesting to note when was the first Thanksgiving.

  21. AR


  22. Sidney

    I heard that alternate interpretation of Rashi 25 years ago; and yes it apparently sounded plausible.

    (My comments below in no way reflect the message learned from the alternate way.)
    However, the alternate way is NOT plausible, upon further review.
    The source of this Rashi apparently is Midrash Rabbah (Bereishith) 32:6 (last sentence).
    This Midrash corresponds unambiguously to the traditional accepted reading of Rashi and NOT to the alternate way!

  23. Sharona Spivack

    Your insights into the Torah Portion are the highlight of my week and when I repeat what you have said I always preface it with a comment that these are not my words but Harry Rothenberg from Partners in Torah,however my family is still impressed.Sharona Spivack

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