Debbie Goldman (Baltimore, MD) & Nechama Burnham (Jerusalem, Israel) - Partners in Torah

Debbie Goldman (Baltimore, MD) & Nechama Burnham (Jerusalem, Israel)

Are you curious about the three participants pictured here?! We’d love to share the story (well, really, the multiple stories!) behind it!

Debbie Goldman (Baltimore, MD) and Nechama Burnham (Jerusalem, Israel) began learning three years ago, and although they live so far away from each other, and amazing story brought them together in person!

As Nechama shares: “About two weeks after we had begun studying together, we got an invitation to a wedding, which my husband left on my computer–I was flabbergasted. We had only just “met”–how could my Partner have gotten an invitation to me so soon? When I told my husband [who is a Jewish educator] how amazed I was, he replied, “That’s not your partner; that’s my student, whom I have kept in contact with.” I replied, “Well, guess what? Your student is marrying my partner’s daughter!”  Even more incredible than that, it “just so happened” that we had planned a trip to the States… so I got to really meet my partner in person, for the first time, at the wedding! What a lovely way to begin a learning relationship!”

Wow! Since then, these two have continued their learning together, and a year ago, decided to add one more participant to their sessions! Devora Shore (LaJolla, California) is married to one of Nechama’s husband’s students. She expressed a desire to learn, and Nechama and Debbie offered that she join them! 

And another amazing aspect: Nechama has an additional partnership that is soon to celebrate a 6 year learniversary! Stay tuned to hear more in a future newsletter…!