Lauren Harnick (Merrick, NY) & Ilana Sicklick (Lawrence, NY) - Partners in Torah

Lauren Harnick (Merrick, NY) & Ilana Sicklick (Lawrence, NY)

These two amazing ladies. Lauren Harnick (Merrick, NY) and Ilana Sicklick (Lawrence, NY), met at a Friday night Shabbat dinner exactly a year ago. They instantly clicked, and since they had both been involved previously with Partners in Torah, they decided to become Partners! They reached out to us and the match was made!
As Ilana shared: “I look forward to learning with Lauren each week and just speaking with her about anything and everything! Lauren has become a cherished friend!”
These two friends have been learning Parsha of the week together for a whole year! Huge kudos to them, and we hope they’ll continue growing, connecting, and learning together for many years to come!