Renee Vlashi (West Hills, CA) & Penina Berman (Baltimore, MD) - Partners in Torah

Renee Vlashi (West Hills, CA) & Penina Berman (Baltimore, MD)

Through the past six years, Renee Vlashi (West Hills, CA) and Penina Berman (Baltimore, MD) have built a beautiful partnership! In Renee’s words: “Penina has become my go to person for anything Jewish and I would highly recommend Partner’s in Torah’s program to anyone looking to heighten their Jewish life!”

It’s so wonderful to hear that they got to meet last March! As Renee shared: “Being able to meet in person was such a special occasion as we live on opposite coasts from each other. Penina took us on a “Tour of Jewish Baltimore” starting with a wonderful gourmet kosher lunch at Serengeti’s restaurant… We all had a great time!”

May these committed partners be able to continue learning and growing together for many years to come… and be able to meet again in person!