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Don't know what to say? We've got you covered! Here's sample text you can use in all of your outbound communications.

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I hope you are doing well.

As you may know, I am connected with Partners in Torah. It’s a special organization that gives people the space to ask questions and reconnect with their Jewish heritage.

We’re now in the middle of a fundraising campaign so Partners in Torah

can pair 10,000 more Jews for 1-on-1 study with a carefully chosen partner. Together, partners will decide how, what, and when they will learn together. No judgment. No commitment. No cost. All thanks to donor generosity.

I have committed to raising $AMOUNT for this cause.

Would you be willing to make a donation and leave a message on my personal fundraising page?

*The link to donate is HERE!*

With appreciation,


Sample Message #2:

I’m taking part in a special fundraising campaign for Partners in Torah and I’d love for you to join me. Partners in Torah helps pair Jews to study 1-on-1 with a carefully chosen study partner. This means that they can explore their heritage and ask personal questions they may have about Judaism in a judgment-free relationship - 30 minutes a week.

Right now, Partners in Torah is raising funds so they can pair up their next 10,000 participants. To make that happen, they need marketing dollars (so they can find appropriate mentors and market their service to prospective students.) They also need funds to help ensure participants are well matched, and to ensure that each partnership has a skilled and caring support team to guide them on their learning journey.

I have personally seen how special this program is, and I know that with the right funds, they could really positively impact the global Jewish community. The really do give Jews anywhere in the world the opportunity to connect with their heritage...

I wouldn’t be sending this for just ANY organization, so I’d like to ask if you would be willing to contribute toward my $AMOUNT goal.

*The link to donate is here*: Please donate today. Thank you so much!

Sample Message #3:


Have you heard? YOU + Partners in Torah can help shape the Jewish future.

Your gift will go directly to giving people the space to ask questions and reconnect with their heritage through the Power Of Two.

Because of you, a lawyer in a small, rural town will find a mentor and connect each week with the Torah portion. Because of you, a mother will spend 30 minutes each week on a spiritual exploration, diving into topics like love, prayer, and mindfulness. Because of you, a young adult will discover his Jewish pride, developing an authentic friendship with a study partner, someone who will become his lifeline to Judaism.... all thanks to your generosity.

Would you please donate toward my personal fundraising goal of AMOUNT by 10pm?

*The link to donate is here:* We don’t have a moment to lose!



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Stuff You Can Share

Everyone loves a good video and we're no different. ​Here are some great clips about Partners in Torah ​you can share with your network.

other important stuff

  • Canadians will receive a Canadian tax-deductible receipt from the Neeman Foundation
  • We accept donations in USD, CAD, ILS, GBP, and Euros
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  • People can donate on our site (CAUSEMATCH.COM/PARTNERSINTORAH2) ​using credit card and paypal. If they want to mail a check, we can add ​that donation too! Just let us know via the WhatsApp group (above), email ( or phone (1-800-STUDY-4-2)!
  • Partners in Torah is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit, EIN# 27-0000-414

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