Tehila's Story - Partners in Torah

Tehila’s Story

Submitted by Tehila Daveed

Imagine this –  It’s March 2007 and a  classroom of rowdy fourth graders is about to greet yet another new teacher.  Although this “problem classroom” may have been intimidating grounds for some, I was excited for the challenge, and happy to have a job after moving back to the States from Israel. 

I still remember so clearly! I walked into that classroom with confidence, introduced myself as Ms. Daveed, and became known as their “saving teacher.” I gave the students assignments and projects based on their interests and really worked hard to get to know each child. 

I remember there were twins in the grade; two sweet boys. One of them was in this class, he was a bit on the quiet side. It’s funny, I even remember where his seat was in the classroom! I recall doing my best to help him thrive, and even have memories of meeting his parents at parent-teacher conferences.

One of the reasons why I remember their mother, Tammy Lovy, is because she also worked at the school.  A few years later, when my daughter also began teaching in this school, she actually worked with Tammy in the Early Childhood Department. They became friendly, and when my daughter got married, Tammy came to the wedding! I didn’t really think much about my acquaintance with Tammy, whom I hadn’t heard of in years. Until… fast forward to a few months ago…

I didn’t really think much about my acquaintance with Tammy, whom I hadn’t heard of in years. Until… fast forward to a few months ago…

Although I’m retired, I’m quite busy with a lot of commitments, but when I saw an advertisement for The Shabbat Learning program through Partners in Torah, I couldn’t resist signing up. “It’s just 3 weeks” I thought, “I can handle this!” 

Yet, when I logged on to register, I was frustrated by the sign-up form because it was asking me to select very specific times of availability! My schedule changes daily and I didn’t want to commit to a time I couldn’t stick to. So what did I do? I just randomly threw out a time and day: Wednesdays at 3pm.

Next thing I know, I get an email with the name of my new Partner: Tammy Lovy!

Honestly, the name sounded familiar but I couldn’t place her. I called my daughter and asked her, “Remind me, do I know a Tammy Lovy?” My daughter said, “Of course! She taught with me, and you taught one of her sons!”

When I called Tammy, we instantly made the connection! She hadn’t realized it was me because I registered for Partners in Torah with my English name, but as soon as I reminded her, we were so happy to reconnect!

The funniest part is that Tammy also had a hard time coming up with a time to select on the sign-up form, so she shared that she randomly chose a time: Wednesdays at 3pm!

It was clearly meant to be that we reconnect and learn together. We love our learning sessions, and I can’t believe that her boys are now 23 years old!